Friday, September 26, 2008

Fairy Stories and Other Nonsense

Forgive me if I seem distracted lately. I'm Currently swept up in one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read. It's an absolutely enchanting little tale not suited for every ones taste I'm sure. I've always felt that I loved reading but could rarely find a book that I could really get swallowed up in. Until just recently diving head first back into; or for the first time; children's literature. There is just something about it and it's heroes that captures my interest. I very much believe that there is a lot more to "kid-lit" than people think. 
Anyway I'm sure you're wondering (if there is in fact anyone reading this...) what book I would be talking about. The book is: "A Little Princess". Most people will roll their eyes and scoff and such an insignificant story about a little girl from another time. I however have a sneaking suspicion  that I may in fact BE Sara Crewe. Maybe it's because I've always been such a daddy's girl. Bare with me...I've been working non-stop for about three weeks now. And stories like: "A Wrinkle in Time", "The Mysterious Benedict society", and of course "The Chronicles of Narnia." have been my escape. 
So you're thinking: "But Leah, REALLY...children's books? Aren't you like 22 now?" To which I answer: Yes. I am 22. But that doesn't mean I've forgotten who I was, like so many others. I cart the three books I'm currently reading (join - but be careful it's addictive, thanks paige.) with me everywhere I go. And as I was telling Megan the other night I often see people glance down at my books and say something to the effect of: "I remember that book." And for one brief second I can hear it in their voices. The child they once were is tugging at their heart begging them for a visit. But then just as quickly as it appeared it is gone. 
We are consumed so much so with our bustling lives that we sometimes forget. Forgive my cheese-filled ramblings please. But these sorts of stories will keep me happy long after the book bindings have broken, the jackets have worn, and the words have faded. I will read the stories until I am (hopefully) old and gray. And I will never forget. 

photo cred: meggy b. - i luff you.

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Kristin Danielle said...

Leah you are so right. It is sad to see that people now a days forgot the amazing stories of there childhood. They are such great stories. I cant wait to read the secret garden...but i am going to wait until I can buy the one with the pretty cover...because we both know that is important.

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