Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One Cold Day

©2008LeahMaePhotos ©2008MeganByorickPhotography

Shot with: Nikon 35mm
Shutter Speed: 1/60
F/stop: 4

This is my best friend Megan. We took these shots together the other weekend when we realized we are both photographers and we have not one good picture of us together. We both took turns setting the timer but Megan gets the credit for the nice edits.


Robert Howington said...

Nice photograph Leah, I especially like the color throughout, as well as the short depth of field. The scarf color is a nice touch and kind of offsets the color scheme, while still achieving a de-sat image. Good work.

capps said...

these are beautiful. they aren't on your flickr so i thought i'd tell you here that i love them.

ps. are these from your most recent trip to PA? someday, i want to go with you. and meet her.

Amanda Creech said...

I like how in the second photograph the focus is just on you.

wfennell said...

Your POV is interesting.

wfennell said...

Your POV is interesting.

Laura Graf Photo said...

I really like these! I like the lighting and the depth of field.

Jessica M. Benton said...

These are beautiful photos. You guys look lovely. I'd like to learn how she edited the photos.

Paige O'Brien said...

I really like both of the photographs. The composition of the second one is awesome. (I love your hair style too!)

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