Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Family Album Two

Shot with: Bronica 645 Med Format
Film: T-max 100
Model: Caitlin

This is Caitlin once again. In a much different light. This was for portfolio for design lab II. This photo will be included in my "Family Album" project I'm doing. I just love the rawness of her expression. I plan to shoot my grandparents this weekend for the same project.


wfennell said...

I really like the expression you captured on this young model's face.

Jessey Dearing said...

I like this a lot, I really like the playground set in the background, it gives it an interesting sense of place. You have an interesting style in your photographs and I hope you keep up with your Family Album project because I think it will be awesome. Keep it up!

Lanham said...

I have to agree. I love the expression and sense of place. Great job on depth of field.

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