Thursday, November 29, 2007

First Day Jitters

Shot With: a point and shoot disposable
By: My dad

That's me on the right, in the ugliest outfit of the three. My mother insisted on dressing me like ... that. My favorite thing about this picture are the tags on me and my friend. It's like we're cattle and they need those to separate and lead us into the right direction. Anyway I've had this feeling quite a few times in my life. First day... first day of kindergarten, first day of middle school, first day of high school, first day of work, first day of art school, and then first day of RCC. Soon it will be my first day of a real job. Unbelievable really. I feel excited to get the rest of my life underway-but at the same time I'm terrified of lost time. But I guess that's just silly-besides, we'll all have the pictures to remind us, or something.

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